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"As a law enforcement officer for 30 years, I faced critical incidents almost every day, some that were unfathomable. As LEOs progress through their careers, many of us stack up all the trauma with little to no treatment. We try to reassure each other that we are ok, but eventually this continual trauma can boil over as PTSD affecting and damaging all aspects of our lives. For me, traditional therapies alone just weren’t effective. Talk therapies that rehashed my trauma made it worse. Instead, I turned to alcohol to mute the memories and denied what I perceived as the weakness of accepting PTSD as a real problem. I struggled with anxiety, hyper vigilance, and depression until a friend recommended Ketamine treatments and I found my way to North Idaho Ketamine and Wellness. After the first treatment, I was able to get relief from my symptoms and start working toward my recovery. I would urge anyone who has repeated exposure to trauma as a first responder, a medical or nursing practitioner, or a dispatcher to recognize that you need help processing these experiences. You can’t do it alone and doing nothing will only hurt you and your loved ones. I am not sure if I would even be alive today if I hadn’t made that decision to walk through those doors. For me, it was a real game changer."

Retired CDA Law Enforcement Officer

"I'd like to share my experience with North Idaho Ketamine and Wellness. Eight months ago, I saw a small display ad in the paper announcing the opening of Dr. John Thurston's clinic in Coeur d'Alene, wherein he offered an innovative and widely-accepted treatment of ketamine infusions as an alternative to traditional medications for the treatment-resistant depression and PTSD. I suffer from both, and had been taking a flurry of various medications for 23 years with results that I can describe as nebulous to partially-effective.

My illness was directly linked to my 23-year career in "big city" law enforcement in California, where I sustained four exceedingly-traumatic, work-related, events that occurred during my last year of service.

These episodes lead to a medical-disability, service-connected retirement, because, at the time, I received very little relief from traditional depression medications -- some of which came with very troubling side effects. I tried all of the meds that were popular in the mid-1990s. Eventually, I was found to be no longer qualified, for health reasons, to continue my career.

Since retirement, I'd been treated, earlier, by two other psychiatrists in Coeur d'Alene. Over time, they prescribed all the "newest and greatest" medications, with little to no relief. The grey cloud of depression was still there, along with that feeling of hopelessness. The PTSD was no better either. I continued to find myself in the "fight-or-flight" mode in public. And, generally, irritability at home accompanied fatalistic feelings.

So, I investigated ketamine. Looking on Google, there is a ton of solid, peer-reviewed, science that supports this method of treatment for depression and PTSD. I made the call.

Dr. Thurston is an exceedingly-skilled physician with a kind and caring staff. I understand that he left a traditional practice of "pill-pushing" treatment to venture into ketamine-focused therapy. Following an initial phone screening, followed by a one-on-one office visit, we agreed that I'd be a good candidate for ketamine infusions.

Long story short, this therapy, for me, has been life-changing with respect to resolving treatment-resistant depression and PTSD. I started with six infusions over four weeks. It's a unique experience! For me, the ketamine seems to make curative changes in the brain, bringing tremendous relief. It's not a permanent cure. My relief lasted seven months. I'm now on my second course of infusions. Hopefully, as research has shown, over time, fewer follow-up treatments will be needed.

I can highly recommend this therapy, especially for first responders (and likely combat vets) as an alternative to pills.

Dr. Thurston is a healer. This ketamine works! I wish I'd found this therapy sooner."

Jerry - Retired Law Enforcement Officer.

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