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Mental Health Ketamine and NAD+ Treatment

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Step 1:

Schedule a 15 minute Complimentary Phone Consultation: $0

We will start the session by setting an agenda, so write down all your questions ahead of time. 

If after our time together you want to take the next step and schedule an evaluation you

will be sent an invitation to complete an intake on Osmind, our electronic health record.

*This 15-minute consultation is not required.  If you are ready to schedule

an initial evaluation call our office or go to step 2 below. 

You can call us at 208-215-7936 or request a time bellow.

Step 2:

Mental Health Ketamine Treatment Pricing and Options:

Initial Evaluation (required):

  • Cost: $400

    • Payment: Insurance or private pay

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Included:

    • Psychiatric Evaluation

    • Clinic tour

    • Treatment tips

Insurance Info:

  • In-Network: Billed to insurance; co-pays and deductibles apply.

  • Out-of-Network: Pay upfront; superbill provided upon request.

  • No Insurance: $400.

Payment options when not using insurance include the following: HSA/FSA, Credit Card, CareCredit, Cash or Check.

Step 3:

Determine whether you want a single treatment or a more comprehensive treatment package.

 IV Ketamine Treatment Cost:

Single Treatment Cost: $450 per session

  • What's Included:

    • Private room

    • Vital signs monitoring

    • IV setup

    • Anti-nausea meds if needed

Ketamine Package Cost:

  • Series of six treatments when purchased as a package: $2400 ($400 per session).

    • If treatment package is purchased and for any reason it is decided not to continue a full refund minus the cost of used treatments will be delivered by method of original payment. 

    • Reason for Discount: Better and longer-lasting benefits from completing 6 treatments in 3 weeks.


Note: Ketamine treatments are not covered by insurance, superbills can be provided upon request.

 NAD+ IV Infusions :

  • Single NAD+ 250 mg infusion:​

    • $200​ (1-2 hour treatment)

  • Single NAD+ 500 mg infusion:​

    • $400​ (3-4 hour treatment)​​

  • 6 infusions of NAD+ 250 mg​

    • $1,000​ (1-2 Hour treatments)

  • 6 infusions of NAD+ 500 mg:

    • $2,000 ​(3-4 hour treatments)

***Initial Evaluation required prior to treatment.

*Please note that the purchase of a treatment package does not guarantee Ketamine Treatment.  If after the initial evaluation it is determined that you are not a good candidate for ketamine treatment a full refund less the cost of the evaluation ($275) will be provided.

Accepted Forms Of Payment:

Insurance does not currently cover the cost of ketamine therapy, therefore all appointments are self-pay and due at the time of infusion.

Although insurance does not cover ketamine therapy, HSA and FSA card accounts can be used as a form of payment.  We also accept cash, credit/debit card(s), CareCredit, and cashier checks. (Checks are made out to North Idaho Ketamine and Wellness).

Finance Options:

TMHCare has partnered with CareCredit to provide financing options. For more information, please click here to view financing options or to calculate what your monthly payment might be.

Supporting Our Heroes:

Thank you for supporting our families and communities. Now it's our turn to support you!


To show our appreciation, North Idaho Ketamine & Wellness is proud to offer an exclusive 10% discount to veterans, military, medical professionals, and first responders. The discount is valid on all full-priced treatments (package pricing not eligible for discount).

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