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Abstract person with brain.

Psychiatric Evaluation

(90 minutes - $400)

Dr. Thurston prefers to meet for a full 90 minutes for the initial psychiatric evaluation.  He takes a psychodynamic approach in addition to a BioPsychoSocial approach.  He views his job as trying to understand you to help you understand yourself.

Medication Management

(30 minutes - $275)

After completing a Psychiatric Evaluation you and Dr. Thurston will have a good idea about how you work together.  When it comes to medication Dr. Thurston will provide options, what might help and why but ultimately the choice about medication will be yours.

Psychodynamic Therapy

(45 minutes - $300)

Studies show that the most important predictor of good outcomes in therapy is the subjective feeling of being a good "fit."  We believe that there is a misguided notion that therapy is supposed to be difficult and take a long time.  

Dr. Thurston trained under the psychoanalyst Jerome S. Blackman, MD.  

Psychodynamic therapy is unique in that it seeks to understand the drives, conflicts, defenses and how these come together in adaptive vs. maladaptive ways. 

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